How do you become a game-changing company, keep your customers happy and provide real value to them?

Invent a revolutionary new tool obviously!

When you’re running a business, it’s important to keep thinking of new ways to impress your existing customers, as well as attracting new business. We regularly think about how we can solidify our relationship with our partners and preserve their loyalty.

At intY, we’ve come up with a great solution by providing real-time updates to our partners on how their customers are using their cloud software solutions, giving them a great opportunity to upsell and increase their revenue.

Now, we know this sounds too good to be true and for a while, it was just a pipedream for us at intY, but with hard work and innovation, we have made it a reality. Following a soft launch to our existing partners a few months ago, its tremendous success so far means we’re now ready to launch it for everyone!

Our new tool, intY Partner Insights, allows our partners to check the adoption rate across the Microsoft Office 365 suite, see how many malware attacks Symantec has stopped, and feel reassured by seeing just how many files Acronis has backed up — all in near real time.

We wanted to create this tool to transform our partner’s relationships with their clients, ensure their customers remain loyal to them and improve their revenue all at the same time. This is a brand-new concept in the cloud distribution industry, and we’ve used the latest technology to create this personalised dashboard


Here’s how it works

Millions of data feeds contribute to Partner Insights, all in real time thanks to Microsoft Azure, HD Insights, Kafka, and a few other bits of wizardry that we’ll have to keep secret.

All that data is then pulled into an easy to understand visual display, giving a real-time overview of a client’s digital workplace. By using this data, our partners can show exactly how their solutions have benefitted their clients and prove the value that cloud solutions can add using real data.

The custom tool gives partners the ability to proactively check in with clients and offers real evidence on how well cloud solutions are working for them. By looking at the dashboard, not only will our partners be able to evidence the benefits of existing products, they’ll be able to suggest and cross-sell the best additional products, backing up that recommendation with data that’s unique to their business. And the best bit? It’s completely FREE! We are so excited to say that it’s open to all of our partners as of today. If you’re an IT reseller, MSP or VAR, book a demo today.

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